The TechHouse Data Toolkit

Meaningful Data. Meaningful Jobs. Meaningful Growth.

Information is power. The TechHouse Data Toolkit quickly shares information with each individual across an organization. Our Data Toolkit enhances the democratization of data by liberating data from silos. The Data Toolkit’s data distribution becomes a powerful tool to demonstrate the efficiency and impact of employees’ work.

For instance, seeing a KPI score of 7 out of 8 is not helpful for everyone. Visualizations make it easier for many users to understand data. With a better understanding of data comes a better understanding of impact. With the TechHouse Data Toolkit, it’s easier for employees to recognize their own impact within an organization and, by extension, their impact within their corner of the world. It’s work, made meaningful.

See It in Action, Read the Case Study: Microsoft Customer Story-Schroeder-Manatee Ranch builds insight-driven communities with TechHouse data management systems and solutions from Microsoft

Who is it for?

The TechHouse Data Toolkit provides value to two markets: small businesses, which can better compete with larger corporations and survive rapidly changing external conditions by learning from our visualizations of their cross-platform data; enterprise corporations, whose employee retention improves when their employees can see how their work enables the broader enterprise to make the world a better place.

Why should I use it?

Right now, there is a perfect storm affecting most industries. The number of data sources has increased. This has been enabled by technological advances in data capture, the IoT, code sharing via GitHub, SaaS integrations, and more. These advances have coincided with economic, political, and social changes that shift power to individuals who can tap into those data sources. These changes shift power towards those who can garner information from data and away from those who cannot.

Businesses without analytical skillsets struggle to compete. Their data isn’t robust enough or fresh enough. It doesn’t mine itself for meaningful correlations and forecasts.

Employees who cannot access data that provides meaning to their work disengage and ultimately exit for a workplace that can provide that meaning. Our product inoculates companies from the great resignation by providing visualizations that help people see the value of their work.

Why TechHouse?

Our entire organization is educated and experienced in creative problem-solving methodologies. More than that, our human-focused design process aligns with the most successful businesses. We achieve our missions in part because we celebrate the uniqueness of individuals and their work.

Our wide variety of skill sets are essential to developing creative solutions that solve our customers’ problems. From Microsoft certifications to Arts degrees, we use our expertise to address problems from different angles, think outside the box, challenge existing ideas, and improve upon them.

Together, we make tech more equitable. We facilitate paradigm shifts that help our customers meet their goals and make the world a better place.

My interpersonal relationship with Kathy, her skill set, and the skill set of the people at TechHouse are probably the best with which I’ve worked in my career.

Joe Casadonte, Director of IT at Schroeder-Manatee Ranch