What To Know in The World of 365

e 365, Microsoft 365, Dynamics 365, Enterprise plans, and Business plans are here to make your life easier, not stress you out. You can decide which subscription best caters to your organization by looking at what each subscription offers. Your time is valuable, so we will highlight some critical areas with the hopes of helping you better understand the world of 365. 

Pictured: The Microsoft Teams icon on the menu of an iPhone. Other apps, like Gmail and Signal are visible around it.

Optimize Microsoft Teams with These 3 Simple Rules

If your organization has just switched to Microsoft 365 to transform digitally, Microsoft Teams will be your new bread and butter for communication. How your organization uses Microsoft Teams will determine how far your Digital Transformation efforts may go. We talk about Digital Transformation here at TechHouse because we think it’s important. The Benefits and …

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