Decisions, Decisions: Microsoft’s New Licensing

Starting this month, Microsoft is rolling out three significant changes to their cloud per-seat licensing, like Microsoft 365 and Dynamics 365. There is a temporary discount for licenses before March, a considerable price increase in March, and a new subscription model, New Commerce Experience (NCE), with vastly different payment and cancellation terms. There is a way you can delay price increases for 12 months and save 5% of the total cost. We will provide you with important dates from Microsoft to avoid costly penalties as you move to their new licensing format. Let’s discuss updated NCE information and cover your options for the smoothest transition.

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Everything You Need To Know About Microsoft’s New 2022 Licensing

The assumptions we made about licensing last year will not hold this year. Microsoft made numerous changes to their program, which they are implementing at the end of 2021 and early next 2022. Be aware of these changes as you plan your licensing spend for the coming year.  Microsoft New Commerce Experience: Evolving Licensing for an Easier Full Stack Management  …

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