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Student Engagement Improved with Microsoft 365 And Office 365

earning together for your students. Students who do not participate in classroom activities may miss opportunities for deeper understanding. Every student can benefit from having full knowledge of the lessons you cover. When we meet students where they are in their interests, they learn on their terms. Students take ownership of their education.

ID: Neirda Thompson-Pemberton, a black woman wearing a gray polo shirt leans over a table. She is teaching seven elementary school aged children.

It’s STEAM, not STEM, with FUNducation’s Neirda Thompson-Pemberton

One Bradenton area woman is on a mission to make S.T.E.M. more fun. Her name is Neirda Thompson-Pemberton, and she’s the founder of FUNducation. TechHouse spoke with Thompson-Pemberton, who has a background in civil engineering, to learn more about her innovative approach to children’s S.T.E.M. education.

7 Ways to Restore and Recharge

Whether you work from home or in the office, the daily grind can become overwhelming. You’re expected to manage your personal life, support your employer’s vision, and consume a nearly endless stream of media just to stay current.  TechHouse agrees with Dr. Saundra Dalton Smith for TED Ideas: every person needs seven types of rest for seven different facets …

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