Learning Cafe

TechHouse Learning Cafe

The TechHouse Learning Cafe is the cornerstone of TechHouse’s educational services. The Learning Cafe offers various online courses in technical and user training, including Microsoft certification training. Each course has a structured curriculum for a more traditional learning experience. The Learning Cafe provides both instructor-led and independent courses.


TechHouse Coaching services are designed to meet the unique needs of individual organizations. TechHouse designs training exercises based on the users’ goals and sets everything up to train in their own environment. Coaching is perfect for organizations that want to expand their skill set and gain a better understanding of their systems.


TechHouse Mentoring services are geared toward organizations that already have a good understanding of technology best practices but want a second opinion from an educated source. When you need to phone a friend, you call the experts at TechHouse.

Specialists as a Service

TechHouse offers Specialists as a Service to help fill gaps in your business using a fractional staffing model. Fractional staffing has grown in popularity over the last few years. Some companies are even using fractional executives now.  Not everyone has the budget to hire an IT or business specialist full-time, and finding reliable contractors can be a hassle. That’s why TechHouse is now offering our expertise to your business as a monthly subscription. 

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