Cybersecurity and Compliance

You don’t leave your home unlocked when you’re away.

And you shouldn’t leave your digital home unlocked either! TechHouse can provide security that works where you do: at home, in the office, and on the road.

Our Experience

Whether your business is big or small, full of tech experts or novices, TechHouse is ready to secure your organization with a custom-fit solution. Check out the solutions that we’ve had the pleasure of providing for these organizations:

In April 2020, TechHouse helped this customer with transitioning their teams to remote work. In the throes of COVID, the company was forced to find an efficient way to schedule employees with widely varying schedules and began using third-party scheduling software. Click here to read more.

Our Security & Compliance Solutions

Anti-Phishing · MFA · MDM · ​Remote Worker Security​ · SOC · Incident Response & Remediation · ​Penetration Testing · Social Engineering · ​Regulatory Compliance (e.g., HIPAA, FINRA, DOD)​ · Data Loss Prevention · Sensitivity Labels​ ·

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