Some of What We Do

We take pride in creating custom-fit solutions that help drive organizations forward.
These are some of the most popular solutions we provide.

Cyber Security & Compliance

Identify, Protect, Detect, Respond and Recover. 

How much risk are you willing to take with your organization? Make sure you invest in a security solution the way you would invest in your partnerships. TechHouse provides options to reduce risk so you can make the best investment in a secure environment. 

We provide expertly designed cybersecurity policies, ongoing support, and security training that fit your business needs. We aim to help your business reduce human errors with rigorous and ongoing anti-phishing programs and respond to breaches with urgency. 

Worried about compliance? TechHouse can help make sure you achieve PII and HIPAA compliance and certify your team to lift your customers’ confidence in you and your business. 


We’ve been working remotely for more than 10 years! 

A decade ago, TechHouse successfully made the switch to a 100% work from home environment.  

We realize a move to WFH is more than just tech. Effective hybrid-virtual teams also have successful processes and patterns for collaborating. These best practices reduce friction so that organizations can focus on progress. 

TechHouse provides your organization with the insights and resources needed to succeed in your work-from-home journey.

Teams VoIP Phone System

Take your business communication with you. 

Our Cloud VoIP solution will route your calls through the internet, allowing you to use your business communications from anywhere you have internet and help cut down on those costly on-premises PBX phone systems. Our VoIP solution is completely scalable, so as you grow it grows easily with you. 


Make your life easier.  

Automation aims to streamline and tighten up business processes. When staff is reduced and business picks up simultaneously, automation helps reduce human error and knowledge gaps.  

Move to the Cloud

A cloud you can trust. 

Now that cloud and software-as-a-service have matured, there are far more download-and-go applications. From migration to transformation to stabilization, we will help your business shape your cloud strategy, design and manage your cloud infrastructure, develop and optimize cloud-based apps, and manage and maintain every aspect of your cloud services. As a Microsoft Gold-Certified Partner, we make sure your journey to the cloud runs smoothly and understand your security. Your customer’s sensitive data is your number one priority.  

Accounting & ERP

Crunch the numbers, don’t let the numbers crunch you. 

When it comes to the accounting side of your business, you want to have a partner who knows the tools inside and out and can help you build the infrastructure. Having an engineer who knows the difference between P and L and a balance sheet makes all the difference. 

We have functional consultants who have been CFOs and CPAs with decades of experience to assist with designing the appropriate installation or enhancing your current set up whether you’re using QuickBooks, Dynamics GP, or Dynamics Business Central. 

Business Processes & CRM

Track your customers’ journeys.

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Tech Education

To use an old cliche: knowledge is power.

Whether you’re new to the cloud or want to stay up to date on developing technologies, the TechHouse Learning Cafe has a course for you. We offer custom learning courses as well as Microsoft technical certification training.

Data Science & Analytics

Data is your friend.

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Our solutions are custom-built to fit your organization’s needs.
If a solution doesn’t already exist, we build it.