Case Study

Overcoming Google Docs Confusion Using Power Automate and Dynamics 365

October 2020

This client is a family-owned company that specializes in professional flooring as well as kitchen and bath remodeling. Based out of Brevard County, FL, they have a storefront in Viera as well as a warehouse for their flooring. 

They came to TechHouse with two unique challenges: (1) They needed a consistent way to track their customers and jobs. This information also needed to be easily accessible by employees in the store and the warehouse. (2) They needed a better way to schedule appointments with customers and have all the relevant information for the job they are meeting with the customer about. 

Before moving to Microsoft 365, the client tracked their customers and jobs through Google Docs which led to confusion between the store and the warehouse. 

TechHouse helped implement Dynamics 365 as a contact management solution, enabled email tracking, and trained the client’s staff on how to use Dynamics with the rest of the Microsoft 365 ecosystem. 

TechHouse also created a workflow with Power Automate that automatically creates a folder in SharePoint when new jobs are added. 

This folder includes Warehouse-specific information like flooring samples, vendor orders, and estimates. 

This automated process helped separate the more customer-centric information needed for the Sales side of the business from the Warehouse-specific information needed for the Operations side of the business. 

To help consolidate all the information needed for appointments, TechHouse made it so employees could create appointments directly in Dynamics 365. When appointments are created, an email is sent to a shared mailbox to keep a searchable record of appointment times and dates. 

Utilizing Dynamics 365 and Power Automate, this client now has the processes in place to grow and stay organized. 

Topics: Digital Business Transformation