Case Study

Keeping Track of Collaborators with Microsoft Dynamics 365

December 2020

The Consolution Project is a unique partnership network of Coordinators, Coaches, and Contributors dedicated to helping Community Organizations become more healthy, effective, and sustainable. They focus on five key training areas: leadership development, team health, organizational effectiveness, strategic planning, and decision making and project management.

Having already benefited from collaborating using Microsoft 365 and Teams, they wanted to add Dynamics 365 to track all the participants in their network.

They also needed a way to segment their donor list to provide more effective outreach. Most importantly, they wanted to automate their onboarding process, so they could serve more organizations without increasing the workload of their technology specialist.

TechHouse set up and configured Dynamics 365 Sales, imported their contacts and trained their tech specialist on how to use Dynamics and Power Apps to more intuitively shape the interface. TechHouse also configured Power Automate which has enabled them to quickly onboard new partners, so they can serve even more organizations.

Topics: Digital Business Transformation, Microsoft Dynamics 365, CRM, Automation