TechHouse’s Healthy Business and Healthy Lives: Do It Yourself IT Health Checks: Hardware

What is Hardware?

Think of hardware as the parts of your computer you can physically touch, whether you see them or not including the keyboard, USB drive, printer, the monitor. On the inside of your computer, you will find even more pieces of hardware like sound, memory, and processor cards. All these computer parts require Software to run. Moreover, that software must stay up to date to be safe and robust.

Why Should I Check My Hardware and How Do I Do It?

You should check your hardware regularly to ensure that your computer is running as quickly and efficiently as possible. Since Software helps hardware run, you want to be sure the software your hardware needs are up to date. Click here for some tips on how to get those updates automatically.

What Should I Do if My Hardware Is Not Running Properly:

It is not uncommon to have unexpectedly slow computers. The challenge is finding out why to speed it up. On rare occasions, the problem could be your hardware. If you have determined the hardware is the problem and the updates above do not solve it, then typically the next step is to purchase a replacement. With technology advancing so rapidly, this often means an upgraded part as well.

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