Security & Compliance

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New DFARS & CMMC Requirements

The U.S. Department of Defense (DoD) issued new regulations for the Defense Federal Acquisition Regulation Supplement (DFARS). Most manufacturing and aerospace businesses contracted to the (DoD) will have to meet the necessary compliance and security requirements outlined in the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) Special Publication (SP) 800-171.  Does this apply to me?  Yes – If you …

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Fake calls

Fake calls from Apple and Amazon support: What you need to know

‘Tis the season for online shopping. As we all moved to self-quarantine, online shopping became essential. Cyber Attackers and Scammers are increasing their attacks while we are the most vulnerable.These scammers call people and use names of companies that everyone knows, such as Apple and Amazon, to rip you off. Here is what you need …

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Pictured: The figures of two doctors, presenting as traditionally and female, are in the forground. In the background is an abstract window and a shield, representing healthcare security.

Health Industry Targeted for Cyberattacks

There was a time when all it took to protect your organization was an internet firewall, PC antivirus, email filtering, and backup. Today though, many organizations within the U.S. healthcare system are ill prepared for emerging cyber threats and think a solid security policy requires budget they don’t have.  “The percentage of healthcare organizations impacted …

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