Case Study

SunCoast Blood Centers: Optimizing Blood Mobile Data Collection with PowerApps 

August 2020

SunCoast Blood Centers is a not-for-profit, independent community blood bank based in Southwest Florida. They have six donor centers and a fleet of mobile blood banks (Blood Mobiles) that go out into the community to collect blood from volunteers. 

Originally, SunCoast Blood Centers used paper to track activity from the Blood Mobiles which was highly inefficient and hard to analyze.  

They then moved to using one Excel spreadsheet for the whole organization.  

While this initial solution digitized the data collection process, it was still problematic as every staff member entered data into the same sheet leading to users “stepping on each other’s toes.” 

To solve this problem, TechHouse wrote an application in PowerApps for SunCoast’s Blood Mobiles. 

The application is branded and used on tablets by staff in the field. It is accessible, easy to use, and prevents staff from stepping on each other’s toes.

With TechHouse’s support, SunCoast Blood Centers can not only continue to receive donations in the field but also track and analyze activity with a more efficient and uniform process.

Topics: Digital Business Transformation