Case Study

Microsoft 365 VoIP Helps Planning Agency Shift to Remote Work

July 2020

This customer is a consolidated planning agency with 50 employees located on the Gulf Coast of Florida.

A local telecom provided their VoIP solution which was housed in a nearby data center.

They did not have reliable dial service. Their phone system was comprised of multiple components creating more potential points of failure. Employees had to remember login credentials for the phone system in addition to Microsoft 365 which slowed down operations. Additionally, the edge server in the data center had to constantly be patched to stay secure.

They were already using Microsoft Teams heavily, so using Microsoft as their phone systems provider was the natural solution to integrate their phones with the rest of their business.

TechHouse’s experience with Teams VoIP enabled them to have a smooth transition and to take advantage of some third-party add-ins that reduced their monthly bill. The planning agency was able to keep their phone numbers, hunt groups, multi-ring, and auto-attendants. Employees were also able to keep their desk phones, but because of COVID-19, some employees began working remotely.

With the new solution in place, remote employees were able to use their own devices to make and receive calls through their business numbers with Microsoft Teams. Having only one login credential also made operations more efficient.