Case Study

Improving Integrated Systems Efficiency for a Women’s Health Services Provider

May 2020

The Women’s Center of Orlando (WCO) is a women’s health services provider with six offices operating in the Central Florida area with over 100 employees.

In 2019, TechHouse helped transition WCO from on-prem to the cloud with Microsoft 365 and configured the environment’s advanced security. In May 2020, with their teams going remote in the throes of COVID-19, WCO was forced to find an efficient way to schedule employees with widely varying schedules and began using third-party scheduling software.

This software required additional usernames and passwords in addition to Microsoft 365 credentials.

To eliminate the need to sign in twice and remember two usernames and passwords, TechHouse wrote a connector between Microsoft 365 security and the scheduling software, so employees would only have to sign in once to access both.

Within a few weeks of beginning the project, the solution was deployed and running.

The connector made it easier for employees to do their jobs and for the IT team to manage their technology. WCO, like many other organizations in 2020, had to adapt to tackle the challenges of COVID-19. With TechHouse’s solution in place, WCO could focus on what they do best: caring for patients.

Topics: Move to the Cloud, Security & Compliance, Microsoft Azure, TechHouse DataLoader