Case Study

Visualizing Data with the TH Data Toolkit and Power BI 

December 2020
Visualizing Data with the TH Data Toolkit and Power BI - Insurance Auditing Company

This client began working with TechHouse in December 2020. They are an insurance auditing company. The client creates reports that reduce the cost and duration of the audit process. Their services also include dispute resolution, classification inspection, expert witness services, and more. With ten core employees, this client averages 15 years of experience. They have completed over 100,000 audits. 

This client used an industry-specific data collection service called Visual Software. Visual Software did not provide an easy way to analyze and understand their data. The data presented was not clear because Visual Software only provided “data dump” spreadsheet reports. This client needed customization and specificity to benefit from their data. 

With Visual Software, the client couldn’t get a good view of auditor performance. Their lack of detail also meant they didn’t have clear revenue information. The lack of clear information made budgeting tricky.  

The client came to us seeking data visualizations. The solution design process indicated a need for snapshots. Understanding auditor performance and analyzing company revenue over time were essential requirements of the solution. This client also needed a solution that could provide efficient turnaround times. 

TechHouse created a Data Toolkit pipeline. We pulled Visual Software and Excel data from SharePoint into a SQL database. SQL examines specific data and makes the data more coherent. For example, SQL can replace numerical ID values with the proper label names. In this solution, SQL extracts and transforms data, then loads it for immediate use so that the client can turn their data into Power BI visualizations.  

Each day, their data refreshes automatically. 

TechHouse’s solution equips this client with dashboards that provide views of executive insights and auditor performance. Our solution also provides options for some additional reporting, such as auditor-specific performance metrics. 

Our solution provided this client with digestible data. Now that they don’t have to worry about their data reporting, they can focus solely on providing the best service to their customers. 

Topics: Data Science and Analytics, Power BI