Case Study

A Modern Website for the Digital World

August 2021
A Modern Website for the Digital World ACT

Access Computer Training (ACT) is a remote-first organization offering computer and IT training. Their customers range from former service (wo)men to individuals with non-standard education histories. ACT assists customers who are looking to re-skill or are preparing to enter a new industry.  

In August 2021, Access Computer Training reached out to TechHouse about updating its website. ACT increased its marketing efforts using a new CRM (Customer Relationship Management) and a series of click funnels. As a result, it received an influx of traffic to its site. While the organization and its marketing efforts had evolved, the website had not.  

ACT knew this and wanted to update the site to reflect its current state better. As ACT entered the solution design process with TechHouse, the following problems became clear:  

  • The website was challenging for staff to maintain and difficult for customers to navigate. Their WordPress site was too complicated for the team to update without third-party assistance.  
  • ACT had more than 20 pages packed with overwhelming content—some of which was outdated—making it challenging for site visitors to find what they were looking for.  
  • Design issues also presented challenges for site visitors. Large blocks of space broke up the flow of content and images, making them difficult to interpret. Titles with drop shadows were tough to read and gave the site a dated appearance.  
  • Inconsistent use of colors and fonts made the site appear unprofessional. 

In the solution design process, ACT listed some additional requirements. They stated that the new site needed to accommodate tools from their CRM and that they would like to integrate video and e-commerce into the site in the future.  

To reduce the project’s overall cost, TechHouse suggested that ACT provide as much refined content as possible. TechHouse and ACT reviewed this content together in a secondary design meeting and mapped out the new site’s pages. 

With functional requirements, design requests, and content in hand, TechHouse composed sample web pages. The pages displayed different fonts, colors, and layout options for the new site. After reviewing these options, ACT made final specifications, and TechHouse built the site. 

The new site responded to ACT’s needs by:  

  • Building on, a platform with user-friendly ADI (Artificial Design Intelligence). This simplified website updates, so ACT no longer relies on a third party.  
  • Reducing the amount of content from 20+ pages to 10, simplifying the site and site menu for more straightforward navigation. 
  • Creating an immersive, easy-to-read flow of content using standardized color blocks and simple layouts. 
  • Matching the site’s color palette with ACT’s logo and utilizing a consistent font scheme to produce an immersive, modern feel.  

Furthermore, TechHouse integrated ACT’s marketing software. This allowed ACT to continue using its chatbot and tracking site analytics. The new site is designed with the video content in mind, with centralized image blocks that ACT can easily replace with video.  

Once TechHouse deployed ACT’s site, one of TechHouse’s digital content specialists sat down with ACT owner and instructor for a training session to show her how works. She was relieved with how easy the platform was to navigate. 

See the results here.

In today’s digital-first world, having a meaningful web presence has never been more important. Whether you are looking for a simple website refresh or custom website rebuild, TechHouse is ready to help.