Case Study

Collaborate Remotely in a Secure Environment with Business Premium 

April 2022

R.I.S.A. Enterprises Inc. is a servicing company based in Nebraska with approximately 125 employees. They are franchise owners of a group of Culver’s restaurants. Before working with TechHouse, the company used Office 365 Personal subscriptions. R.I.S.A. never worked with a Microsoft Partner. All their products had been purchased directly from Microsoft.  

R.I.S.A. chose TechHouse because the owner wanted to secure his environment without disrupting the business, especially his remote workforce.  

The owner of R.I.S.A. reached out to TechHouse in 2019 for services to send and receive emails securely within their organization. R.I.S.A. desired to have all emails managed through a cloud-based platform and upgraded to the latest available version of Office.  

TechHouse provided Office 365 Business Standard for six key users. 

R.I.S.A.’s owner again reached out to TechHouse in December 2021 with more issues regarding security. Many of his employees worked remotely and used their cell phones to work from home. 

TechHouse’s Senior Cloud Solutions Consultant deployed SharePoint to R.I.S.A.’s three restaurants and three managers, so the owner and his partner could access documents online.  

TechHouse then made a follow-up call to discuss some additional pain points. After hearing R.I.S.A.’s concerns, TechHouse suggested moving R.I.S.A. to Business Premium to enhance their security. TechHouse upgraded a couple of accounts to get started. Business Premium gives services like Endpoint Manager, which manages devices and keeps them up to date. Defender for Endpoint was another feature added as a part of Business Premium this past March.  

Recently, R.I.S.A.’s owner requested more licenses. With the Business Premium security features in place, he no longer had to pay for or manage another anti-virus product. 

When extending the licensing, R.I.S.A. evaluated how far to boost security. R.I.S.A needed to secure company machines. But not all data was on company equipment. Some users would work from their cell phones. The company data on those phones needed to be secured, but R.I.S.A. did not want to manage or try to lock down their management team’s personal cell phones. TechHouse created a custom security configuration to meet this need. Company devices are managed via Business Premium’s device management features, while company data on personal mobile devices is secured with Business Premium’s app protection policies.