Case Study

Dynamics 365 Implementation and Training

August 2020
Dynamics 365 Implementation and Training CTRAC

The Center for Technology, Research and Commercialization (or C-TRAC) is a nonprofit based in Colorado Springs, CO that provides technology commercialization services to optimize the flow of innovation in the marketplace and generate revenue that supports economic development in the community and future research activities. 

C-TRAC needed a better way to track potential partners they met at events. They also needed a centralized and standardized process to guide their follow-ups. 

Before, they recorded potential partners they met on pen and paper which proved to be inefficient. There was no central proof of record, and they had no way to know who they had reached out to and how many times they had reached out. 

To optimize this process, TechHouse implemented Dynamics 365, so C-TRAC could not only ditch the pen and paper but also have a reliable database of their potential partners in the cloud. TechHouse also enabled email tracking from Outlook to Dynamics, so all correspondence with potential partners could be recorded. 

After the implementation, TechHouse provided C-TRAC with access to The TechHouse Learning Café and hosted several training sessions, so C-TRAC could further customize Dynamics to fit their needs and better manage marketing campaigns. 

With Dynamics 365 set up, C-TRAC is better able to manage their partner pipeline moving forward, and with the additional training, they have the know-how to continue to optimize Dynamics as they grow.