Case Studies

TechHouse has 25 years of experience creating business technology solutions.
Read on to learn about the solutions we provided to the following organizations:
Schroeder-Manatee Ranch wanted to upgrade its data management and reporting and knew that cloud innovations would enable them to increase productivity and inspire fresh ideas across the organization. TechHouse made it happen with the TechHouse Data Toolkit… Read more.
The Consolution Project is a unique partnership network of Coordinators, Coaches, and Contributors dedicated to helping Community Organizations become more healthy, effective, and sustainable. The Consolution Project was already using Microsoft 365 for team collaboration… Read more.
The Women’s Center of Orlando is a health services provider with six offices operating in the Central Florida area with 100 employees. TechHouse helped transition the customer from on-prem to the cloud with Microsoft 365 and configured the environment’s advanced security… Read more.
Strategic Healthcare Management Systems provides software and services to streamline and strengthen core business processes in today’s challenging, competitive, and changing healthcare payer industry. They have 10 employees. The customer sells their own software solution… Read more.
The Center for Technology, Research and Commercialization (or C-TRAC) is a nonprofit based in Colorado Springs. C-TRAC needed a better way to track potential partners they met at events. They also needed a centralized and standardized process to guide… Read more.
SunCoast Blood Centers is a not-for-profit blood bank based in Southwest Florida. They have six donor centers and a fleet of mobile blood banks (Blood Mobiles) that go out into the community to collect blood from volunteers. TechHouse wrote an application in Power Apps…
Read more.
 In 2020, COVID-19 expedited developments in the vacation rental industry. Suddenly, Sun Vista was receiving an overwhelming influx of reservations via email. The company had difficulty organizing hundreds of emails. The barrage of new requests muddled Sun Vista’s view… Read more.
In August 2021, Access Computer Training reached out to TechHouse about updating its website. ACT increased its marketing efforts using a new CRM (Customer Relationship Management) and a series of click funnels. As a result, it received an influx of traffic to its site… Read more.
This client came to TechHouse with two challenges. They needed a consistent way to track their customers and tasks. This information needed to be easily accessible by employees in the store and the warehouse. They also needed a better… Read more.
This customer is a consolidated planning agency with 50 employees located on the Gulf Coast of Florida.
They did not have reliable dial service. Their phone system was comprised of multiple components creating more potential points of failure. Read more.
This client used an industry-specific data collection service called Visual Software. Visual Software did not provide an easy way to analyze and understand their data. The data presented was not clear because Visual Software only provided “data dump” spreadsheet reports. Read more.
This client is an innovative preschool and elementary school located in Los Angeles. They currently have 22 employees. In just over a week, TechHouse helped the school’s IT Administrator set up and configure Microsoft Business VoIP with auto attendants and call forwarding… Read more.
R.I.S.A. Enterprises Inc. is a servicing company based in Nebraska with approximately 125 employees. R.I.S.A. chose TechHouse because the owner wanted to secure his environment without disrupting the business, especially his remote workforce… Read more.