Case Study

Secure Off-Site Device Use with WVM

August 2020
Secure Off-Site Device Use with WVM for Strategic Healthcare Management Systems

Strategic Healthcare Management Systems (SHMS) provides software and services to streamline and strengthen core business processes in today’s challenging, competitive, and changing healthcare payer industry. They have 10 employees.

SHMS sells their own software solution and develops it in Microsoft Azure.

SHMS came to us looking for a secure alternative for managing devices to end-users (mostly developers) who were working remotely during COVID-19.

TechHouse deployed Windows Virtual Machines (WVMs) for SHMS. Every organization has unique requirements, and SHMS was no different. It was important to have the machines up and running only when the developers were using them even though they work at different times and on different days.

We were able to configure a solution with WVMs to spin up desktops on an as-needed basis when the existing virtual machines reached capacity.

With this solution now in place, SHMS can scale their remote development team with ease.

Topics: Move to the Cloud, Security & Compliance, Microsoft Azure, WVM