Refurbished Devices Are Better Than You May Think

stack of refurbished devices

Refurbished devices offer some better options than the latest released device. Have you considered the benefits of refurbished devices? Purchasing refurbished devices can save money. Old parts are replaced by new ones, making refurbished devices operational with their essential functions (and sometimes additional features) intact. Refurbished devices are also a form of repurposing which positively impacts the environment. Let’s cover how you can determine if refurbished devices can handle your organization’s tasks. 

“Everything that glitters ain’t gold” 

New devices coming out do not make older devices less effective. Refurbished devices are often three years off lease. What does that mean? A large company bought a bunch of pcs and laptops three years ago and is now doing a refresh of new devices. They must get rid of the older equipment to make room. The equipment they let go of gets refurbished, and vendors like us can sell them as used equipment.  

We can understand if you have a negative or positive connotation with the word “used.” Thinking about some of your favorite appliances in your home may help. Maybe it is your fridge, air fryer, electric toothbrush, or toilet flushing. All of these are designed to make your life easier. Although you do not replace them every time a new model comes out, you may need to replace (or clean) parts that are no longer operating at an optimal level. You probably refresh these areas to continue having incredible experiences with the appliance—for example, replacing a light bulb in your fridge, cleaning out your air fryer, switching out batteries for your toothbrush, or exchanging the broken chain in your toilet bowl. Would you agree these tweaks are significantly less expensive than throwing away and replacing the entire appliance? The same concept applies to refurbished devices.   

As you know, technology industries are constantly releasing new products. As you also know, saving money tends to feel excellent.   

Refurbished devices can save you money without compromising their good foundation for operation. Like most things, a reboot or refresh occurs when old parts are replaced with newer ones. Our partner replaces the old parts in refurbished devices. And before we sell any refurbished device, we first note the tasks an organization needs to complete to determine if the refurbished device’s built-in features can help their team work towards their organization’s goals. 

How to Determine If a Refurbished Device Is a Good Fit  

In a general sense, refurbished devices come with some basic functions that can help you tell if the device will benefit you.  

Here are some points to help you decide if a refurbished device is suitable for you:  

  1. Your team can benefit from basic device usage – they are often using cloud-based applications or are light users of desktop applications.   
  1. Currently, most refurbished devices are 4 or 8 GB RAM.   
  1. It would help if you had equipment with little notice, so having options in stock is helpful.  
  1. You have a long lead time to wait for a specific configuration.  
  1. You are open to working with devices from the major brands (e.g., Dell, HP, Lenovo).  
  1. You want to choose from what is in stock instead of hoping they make enough for you to purchase.  
  1. You’d like to purchase a large volume of bulk devices, such as for a group of students or team members in the field.  

It is important to remember there may be dings or scratches on the refurbished device, but its functionality can manage the tasks that need completion. 

Incorrectly Disposing of Old Devices Hurts the Environment 

What electronics can do is not necessarily bad, but how they are typically disposed of causes the challenge. Electronics are particularly bad for the environment, and the stuff inside electronics is bad for people. Can you imagine the toxic components of electronics seeping into the earth, and we use the same ground to grow food and filter our water? Those toxins then expose the environment, us included, to harmful materials.     

Unfortunately, many people do not dispose of old electronics properly. 

Read more here: How To Dispose of Old Electronics | TechHouse ( 

One of the most effective forms of minimizing electronic waste? Repurposing! Repurposing electronics create fewer new electronics. If you purchase refurbished devices, you’re helping reduce the number of electronics that eventually need to be disposed of in some manner. The saying, “Many single drops of water create the pond,” will apply when we repurpose – the action may not create an insurmountable difference, but it is a small act of good.   

Where Can You Purchase Refurbished Devices?  

Refurbished devices can offer you benefits beyond saving your organization money. In many cases, purchasing refurbished brings win-win scenarios – for your organization and the environment.  

We also hope you will find comfort in knowing keeping your refurbished devices updated does not have to be a hefty task. As an authorized business-to-business reseller, we can help keep your refurbished devices running at an optimal level. 

Are you a non-profit with a back-to-school program, and would you like to give students laptops? Does your organization have five- or 10-year-old devices, but you don’t have the funds to refresh your entire environment with updated devices? Do you have new hires that need devices while working remotely? 

We are here to help your organization thrive. Feel free to call us, and we will assist by selling you refurbished devices that fit your needs. In addition, our expert team gladly remains available so that you can receive top-notch customer support.