Workforce Churn, Limited Time, and Money? Try These Training Strategies

workforce churn

You spend time and money solving problems. Sometimes there is not enough time or money to remove all the obstacles that come your way. Feeling overwhelmed is understandable, especially if costly workforce churns or team inefficiencies are concerns. Training your team can help. We know the frequent questions about training: Why pay for training if I am unsure of its effect on my team? Should I sacrifice workday hours? These are legitimate questions.

We have worked closely with various organizations and have concluded some answers. With three actionable strategies, training does not have to be a burden. Implement training for new team members and veteran team members who take on new roles. Training can also shrink the skills/communications gap when purchasing new products or meeting technology changes. Focusing on learning styles makes retaining and implementing information more effective. Let us discuss some possibilities for your organization when you train team members individually.

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Level the Playing Field to find Hidden Productivity Gains and Reduce Churn

Imagine you had a Sales Rep that once needed weekly guidance as a new hire. And now, a veteran, their communication is exceptional with customers. They know how to strategically go after new leads and close deals that mutually benefit your customers and organization. Now, your accounts are multiplying, and you must bring on an additional Sales Rep. You train this new hire using the latest tools on the market, making their job effective and efficient. The veteran’s methods of completing tasks are outdated. As the two Reps work through their day, though job execution has not changed, their processes do not align, and productivity declines. In some cases, the experienced Rep loses their motivation and leaves; in others, the new hire may feel out of step and resign.

We understand there are different ways to reach an end goal; and that, over time, team members make their roles fit them. Provide refresher training to veterans when new team members are given their new-hire training. Ensuring all team member’s skills are current levels the playing field and keep everyone at the top of their game. Keep the training units short, 15 to 30 minutes, to make it practical. Microsoft offers free, self-directed generic training. Work with your HR department or TechHouse’s Learning Café to create brief recorded or live training specific to your organization.

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Unused Product Features – How to Benefit From Them

Often, organizations do not make the most of their products in use. It is uncommon to read the entire operations pamphlet or seek full training when making a purchase. The goal is to be efficient, but there is not enough time to figure out how. And with updates hitting monthly or more frequently, it can be challenging to keep up.

Different forms of training such as coaching, modules, and immersion can keep your organization from falling behind. When the product is new to your organization, or there are new features, it can be hard to get up to speed since no one knows the product yet. Third-party providers with an established curriculum are an excellent way to jump-start the baseline of skill for the product. Custom training or brief update training can fill in the gaps from there.

Here are some examples:

  • What good is it for an organization to purchase Microsoft 365 for all staff, but few know how to use Teams, One Drive, or SharePoint? It seems to be a waste of money. We offer a 45-minute coaching session on getting in, sending messages, accessing One Drive, setting up SharePoint, and more. Specific collaborative environments like Teams, One Drive, SharePoint, and others are as helpful as those who know how to operate them.
  • Suppose you have an IT department and want to ensure they have a strong skill level. In that case, we offer Microsoft certification classes ranging from 2- to 5-day sessions across the entire suite- Development, Infrastructure, AI, and more.
  • Cyber security constantly needs updating because bad actors evolve daily and cleverly advance their tactics. Training your team on a range of cyber-attacks like what they need to know about phishing can save you dollars, time, and a headache. We offer ten to fifteen minutes of monthly training instead of a four-hour self-paced online learning module to teach about cyber security.

We have additional offers that we can tailor for your organization, so you can meet your team where they are. We enjoy creating coaching sessions based on individual needs within an organization.

Strengthen Your Organization One Individual at a Time

Provide each team member with training that fits their learning style to reap training benefits. For some individuals, it is easier to follow a PowerPoint or Word document, but others need more than just reviewing written instructions. Allow your team chances to get hands-on and in the mix. Some skills get better with experience.

One of the first steps is identifying each individual’s learning style – kinetic, auditory, or visual. What’s Your Learning Style? ( Next, assess their skill with each task. Finally, provide the training in a learning style that is efficient.

Our aim is for you to benefit from your knowledgeable and empowered team. Equipped with robust understanding, your team can perform at optimal levels for themselves and your organization.