3G Network Shutdown: What You Need to Know

2G and 3G networks are shutting down as 4g and 5g rollout

When an emergency arises, we count on our cell phones to get help. When we need to get somewhere, we rely on our GPS. Numerous devices daily rely on cellular networks, and older ones depend on the older 3G type of network. The current cellular networks are 5G. Older 3G networks are going away. Why does this matter? If your phone, GPS, or other devices only support 3G, it will stop working when the 3G network shuts down.  

Just like 1G and 2G became replaced with faster and more efficient data, 3G is being replaced by 4G and 5G. Telemedicine and virtual reality run off 5G. Mobile TV, video conferencing, and other high-speed features run off 4G. The world finds fewer reasons to rely on the data transmission 3G provides.   

You may have more devices connected through 3G than you realize. Consider phones and other devices that have computers within them, such as car GPS, security systems, and medical monitors.  

When will 3G networks shut down?   

According to the Federal Communications Commission:   

  • AT&T announced that it will finish shutting down its 3G network by February 2022.  
  • Verizon announced that will finish shutting down its 3G network by December 31, 2022.  
  • T-Mobile announced that it will finish shutting down Sprint’s 3G CDMA network by March 31, 2022, and Sprint’s 4G LTE network by June 30, 2022. It also announced it will shut down T-Mobile’s 3G UMTS network by July 1, 2022, but has not yet announced a shutdown date for its 2G network.  

If you do not see your provider listed, check with them to see if their service will be affected.  

What to do?   

Work with TechHouse or your provider to ensure your devices and networks are 4G or higher. Act as soon as you can to understand what options are best for you. The solution may be as simple as replacing a part or device or as involved as replacing an entire system. Either way, TechHouse is here to help. 

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