Top Tech Trends for 2022

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It can be hard to stay up to date with ever-changing technology. As we enter the final months of 2021, it is time to consider what technologies you should adopt in the coming year. TechHouse is here to help. 

  1. Consolidate to a Single Stack to Get the Most Out of Your IT Investment 

IT Staff fight to keep up with a barrage of feature releases and security updates. Team members struggle to learn many different systems, each with its unique way of doing things. Before 2020, many organizations had a collection of “best of breed” applications running on-premise that were updated infrequently. Then came the tectonic shift to hybrid and remote work over the past year. The substantial investment in cloud technologies came with monthly or even more frequent updates. 

Because IT infrastructure became more chaotic and introduced more safety risks, we have had more demands for streamlining those systems and reducing risk. We can no longer rely on paper trails or conference room meetings to coordinate and relate information.  

The solution? Consider consolidating as many applications as possible in a single stack, like Microsoft’s 365 products. Microsoft’s Cloud provides a seamless experience across a breadth of applications, reducing the number of apps and frameworks any team member must learn. The IT Staff must update and secure. Apps that natively communicate with each other are easier to use. Everyday processes are simplified. 

To keep up with the changes, TechHouse offers managed services for the entire Microsoft Stack for Small and Medium-Sized organizations. With our holistic offering, we can help configure new features as they are released, custom fit for your organizations – whether security, CRM, or accounting. Your team members benefit from each release, and you make the most of the licenses you are already invested in.  

  1. Democratized Technology Empowers your Team to Maximize their Contribution 

Teams struggle with tracking and coordinating work processes, especially when not working in the same location. Each team member needs to work independently, to understand where they are within each process—once relegated to management and analysts, today, most if not all employees benefit from dashboards, reports, and task lists. Data apps and analytics now provide meaningful data and information to all levels of the organization. Accenture states, “86% of executives agree their organization must train its people to think like technologists—to use and customize technology solutions at the individual level, but without highly technical skills.” That is the democratization of IT. TechHouse’s DataToolkit (DTK) services provide every individual the tools to understand their organization’s data. We decrease the cost and expertise needed for operation through our monthly and project services. Digestible data is created with TechHouse’s DTK Ongoing Management to back decisions made by your organization. We will even set up the connections to all your systems and deliver critical reports to your team each month. 

  1. Shifting Communication – Hybrid Workspaces and B2B Communication 

Overflowing Outlook inboxes, multiple versions of the same documents, phone calls, endless meetings: these are some of the challenges teams encounter when struggling with the transition to Hybrid work. Add to that new online lead channels and spikes in B2B buying, and teams are rapidly overwhelmed. Employee to employee and employee to customer communication is evolving. Don’t let technical debt hold you and your team back. To reduce email storms, consider document collaboration with co-authoring, version control, online chat (both real-time and asynchronous), and Outlook’s new relevant content preview feature. To keep up with B2B,  if your website is out of date or on an inflexible custom platform, consider a quick refresh with a customized templated site. Add a customer portal for secure document and information sharing. Consider omnichannel communication tracking so all team members can see relevant communication from customers, whether received by email, phone, online chat, or social media. All the communications and requests can be brought together into a single view through Dynamics 365 CRM, PowerApps/Teams, or even a SharePoint portal. 

  1. Cybersecurity to Protect Against Constantly Evolving Threats 

As technology advances, bad actors are more strategic with their cyberattacks. Their up-to-the-minute attacks infiltrate and disrupt organizations. Take a look at Analytics Insight that gave the Top 10 Emerging Cybersecurity Trends to Look Out for 2022. Organizations need to protect staff, unguarded end-users, cloud services, data, and more. TechHouse has proven solutions to identify, protect, detect, respond, and recover. Our Safety Plus Configuration and Management product line can help your organization withstand cyberattacks cost-effectively. We also have solutions that feature ongoing and live support and training. Together, with our personalized approach, TechHouse can defend your organization against unfolding cyberattacks.  

We take pride in meeting you where you are. Our team is well-equipped to help your organization make strides confidently and securely throughout 2022 and after. Staying up to date on the changes within technology is a top priority for us. We sharpen our skills so your organization can compete and elevate. As workspaces grow, applications increasingly roll out new features, and bad actors’ craftmanship of unlocking doors reveals inevitable; know through it all, TechHouse is here for you.   

If your organization values holistic IT, there is no reason not to subscribe to TechHouse. We custom-fit rising innovations to empower you and your team best.