Client Corner #3: Getting Creative and Adapting to New Challenges

Adapting looks different for everyone.

This week, we will be talking about a few clients we’re working with, the problems they’re facing, and what TechHouse is doing to help. The problems range in complexity, but the theme that ties them together is getting creative and adapting to new challenges. 

Last year, many companies had to pivot to adapt to the pandemic. Now, with a sense of normalcy returning, companies are having to readjust again. Many now have hybrid workforces as some employees return to the office and continue working from home.  

This first client is a prime example. 

Updating a Teams Phone System for a Hybrid Work Model

We helped this client go fully remote last year with Microsoft Teams VoIP. They were not going into the office at all, and their entire phone system was on-prem and therefore useless during the pandemic. 

However, now their office building is back open, and both employees and guests are returning. Their old system had an extension in the building to buzz people in, but they lost that capability when they moved to Teams. 

To solve this problem and keep their updated Teams phone system, TechHouse is helping the customer set up an E-Receptionist. With a Teams-powered device in the lobby and some configuration, the customer will be able to buzz in visitors as they used to while keeping their updated, online phone system to support their hybrid work model. 

Restaurant with Multiple Locations Turns to Automation to Handle Invoicing

Another client we work with has struggled to find office labor to handle administrative tasks, specifically accounting and invoicing. 

This client is a restaurant with multiple locations, and now that more people are going out to eat, their accounting and invoicing volume has increased. Before the pandemic, they would have hired someone to handle the increased amount of work, but now they are having trouble finding someone and are turning to automation software to get the job done. 

Since this client doesn’t have a dedicated internal IT team, TechHouse, as their trusted technology partner, is helping them assess software and OCR scanning solutions to make the best decision for their growing business. 

Busy Entrepreneur Needs Help Jump-starting his Tech Baseline

The last client we want to highlight this month is an entrepreneur who has been so busy working on the other parts of his business that he hasn’t had the time to address technology at all. 

This client is a serial entrepreneur who has created several successful companies in various industries. 

He currently runs an agriculture company that focuses on sustainable farming and has ten employees. 

The problem he faces is a simple one: he has one email that goes to his computer and a different email that goes to his phone. 

TechHouse is helping him get set up on Microsoft 365, so he has one secure to have one secure email for all his devices that is also on a platform that can scale with his business. Although this problem may seem simple, it’s easy to overlook as an entrepreneur who is heavily involved in many different parts of the business. 

Incremental Steps Lead to Long-Lasting Change

Beyond displaying the willingness to adapt and solve problems creatively, all these client stories also exemplify the effectiveness of making incremental changes.  

It’s better to gradually make small changes to your business that will solve your current problems and further support your foundation down the road than to make sudden, drastic changes that solve existing problems but create more problems in the future. 

Switching to a VoIP phone system means your business will never be limited to an office ever again. 

Using automation means you won’t have to hire someone to do a certain process ever again, and you won’t have to worry about human error. 

Having your email set up correctly on a platform that can scale with your business means you can grow as much or as little as you want with the tools you need just a click away. 

How your business uses (or doesn’t use) technology can help or hinder your growth. 

Working with a partner who understands your business and can advise you every step of the way and even anticipate challenges before they affect your bottom line is the best way to grow sustainably. 

If your business is facing technological challenges, contact us today to see how we can help you adapt and thrive.