Secure Your Data Before It’s Too Late

Three locks that represent the steps to securing your data

When do you know it’s too late to secure your data?

When you can’t get it back.

This is the point of no return which we hope none of our clients ever reach.

Securing your data, like many other parts of your business, is an ongoing process.

The first step to secure your data is to

Move to the Cloud

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Moving your data to the cloud will prevent your data from being stolen or destroyed off physical hard drives or servers.

Having your data in the cloud also means you can access it anywhere you have an internet connection, making your business easier to scale.

Additionally, the cloud offers more control over the accessibility and availability of your data, allowing only authorized users access to data.

In Microsoft 365, conditional access policies help you configure who has access to what.

Make Sure You Have Backups

The second step to secure your data is ensuring you have backups.

While Microsoft 365 provides a safe home for your data, Microsoft does not offer a comprehensive backup service of your data.

Having physical backups of your data is okay, but this approach will require you to manually backup your data every month, which can become a hassle.

You also might forget to do it at all.

We recommend using an automated cloud backup service (like TechHouse’s Office 365 Restore).

This way, you can rest assured knowing your data is backed up automatically.

Remain Vigilant of Cyber-Attacks

With your data in the cloud, it is protected from both physical and digital threats.

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The protection you get in the cloud is more powerful than what is typically sold with on-prem servers.

You need to configure that protection though (which we can help with).

All that being said, it is crucial to remain vigilant as a user as cyber-attacks have become more frequent and more sophisticated over the last few years.

Cybercriminals are constantly innovating and can attack your organization in a variety of ways.

Make sure to educate yourself, so you don’t fall prey to phishing or ransomware.

Additionally, Microsoft 365 provides intelligent security to all subscribers to help defend against cyber-attacks.

Work with a Partner

While no company can promise 100% security from cyber-attacks, working with a partner is the best way to defend your organization and secure your data.

A partner not only understands your business inside and out but also has the knowledge and experience to help you stay current in the ever-changing world of cybersecurity.

Security and Compliance are a big part of what we do here at TechHouse.

We recommend all our clients start with our Security Hardening, in which one of our experts will make sure all the doors and windows are locked, so to speak, in your cloud environment.

We also offer a product that will “reharden” your environment every month to help keep it secure.

If you’re not working with a partner, now is as good a time as ever to start.

Contact us today to see how TechHouse can help bring your data to the cloud and defend your organization from cyber-attacks.