Why You Should Use Windows Virtual Desktop

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In our last article, we spoke briefly about why you should use Windows Virtual Desktop (WVD) and Azure and how WVD can further enable businesses with remote workforces.

In this article, we’re going to expand into how WVD can help individual workers as well.

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Create a “Virtual Home Office” with Windows Virtual Desktop

If you, like many others in the past year, have had to relocate your office to the kitchen counter or the dining room table then WVD could be a life saver for you. 

Perhaps you’re sharing your laptop with the rest of your family or at the very least it’s accessible to them. You may be worried about your kids or partner downloading games or other programs that could interfere with your work or compromise your machine. 

WVD eliminates this worry by not only storing all your business apps, folders, and files in the cloud but also by insulating your “desktop” within a window that you can close out of like a regular program. 

This means that as soon as you’re done for the day, nobody else will be able to access your work environment.

You might not have the space for a home office, but now you at least have a “virtual office” that you can keep secure. 

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Use your Old Hardware

WVD can also help you if you’re using old hardware, and your company cannot or does not want to pay for a new device or an upgrade to Windows 10. 

Instead of buying a new device or OS upgrade out of pocket, you can use WVD to access a virtual Windows 10 desktop. 

Even if you’re running Windows 7 or Mac OS. 

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The Four Benefits of Using WVD Recapped 

Deliver Windows 10 desktops on any device, anywhere.

Built-in intelligent security

Deploy and scale in minutes.

Reduce costs by using existing licenses.

Windows Virtual Desktop Offer 

Whether you’re a business owner or a remote worker, there’s never been a better time to try WVD. 

Until March 31st Microsoft is offering a 30% discount for 90 days from the date of redemption on all D-series and B-series Windows virtual machines used as part of a Windows Virtual Desktop host pool. 

Contact us today to get started with WVD and find out why we love Azure, and so should you.