How to Reduce Background Noise During Teams Meetings

Pictured: An Asian presenting woman turns to chastise two children who are running around behind her. The woman is sitting at a desk or table with a laptop, a tablet, and a drink mug.

How often does this happen to you?

You’re in a Teams meeting when your significant other, pet, roommate or child starts creating commotion in the background. They might be slamming doors, talking on the phone, playing video games, or maybe barking at the mailman. These might all be normal sounds throughout the day to you but to the other participants on the call it can be distracting. Or maybe you have been on the other side of this scenario. You might have been trying to talk or present while someone on the call is unaware that they have a ton of background noise coming through their mic and keeps interrupting you.

Well, here is a quick tip to solve that issue. Microsoft Teams has a setting to quite all that unwanted noise. The setting is called “Noise Suppression” and is easily adjustable, and your settings are saved for future calls.

Start off by selecting your profile picture at the top right of Teams and then select Settings.

Select Devices on the left and then, under Noise Suppression, Select either:

Auto (default) – The Teams app decides on the best level based on the noise coming from your mic.

Low – Lowers the level of background noise.

High – Lowers all background sounds that are not speech.

Off – Noise suppression is turned off. (Best for use on high-fidelity microphones.)

Note: If you are already in a meeting you can quickly change the settings by selecting the more options ellipsis (…) and then select Device Settings. Under Noise suppression, select an option.

That’s it! Enjoy the comfort of knowing all those little background noises are being blocked out during your meetings.